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Capabilities Statement

Abbott Media Productions LLC. produces the highest quality mobile applications, 3D interactive and virtual environments specializing in product and character animation. Our clients include Federal Government agencies, defense contractors, commercial and private sectors.

Our mission is to provide the best educational, marketing and sales tools used across all digital platforms and broadcast media. Providing exceptional customer service experience with a commitment of on time and on budget deliverability. We enjoy long standing professional relationships with our clients and value the importance of high quality creative solutions.


Vendor Profile

DUNS: 859466711



51 - Information
 •  512110
 •  512191
 •  512199
 •  512240

54 - Professional, Scientific and Technical
 •  541430
 •  541613
 •  541922


Video Production
Video Effects
Character Animation
Product Animation

Motion Graphics
Logo Animation
Interactive Applications
Web/Mobile Content

Federal Government Work

Federal Highway Adminitration - Title VI Implementation Plans TMC - Good Stuff Apec Water - Reverse Osmosis System US Air Force - B1 Bomber Federal-aid Essentials - LPA Certification Program USCSB - Baton Rouge Refinery Federal Highway Adminitration - SHRP2 USCSB - ExxonMobil in Torrance

Our Clients

Contract Dates: 2012 - Present
Scope of Work: Educational Videos
Agency: Federal Highway Administration – CPM TST
Contract Amount: Multiple, in excess of $500,000
Contact: Rob Elliot
Contact Phone: 404.562.3941

Contract Dates: 2016 - Present
Scope of Work: Accident Reenactment Animation
Agency: U.S. Chemical Safety Board
Contract Amount: Multiple, in excess of $135,000
Contact: Sandy Gilmour
Contact Phone: 202.251.5496

Contract Dates: 2010 - Present
Scope of Work: Build Mobile App and Virtual Lab
Agency: Roche/Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
Contract Amount: Multiple, in excess of $400,000
Contact: Traci H Phillips
Contact Phone: 520.229.3914

Client Testimonials

“… Even though the timeline was very short, I still received a professional, high quality video and I can tell that your team put a lot of time and effort into it. I also appreciate the phone call I received to ensure I obtained the video and that there were no technical issues. That was great customer service!”
Teress Brown - ALTARation+

"The team at Abbott are not only highly creative and free-thinking, but deliver our projects in a most timely manner. Don and the guys enjoy their work and take pride in giving it their very best!! I'm proud to be an associate!!"
Mary Pat Dodds - Four Star Advertising

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