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Past Work

Our gallery features examples of our award winning 2D and 3D animation, special effects, and video productions. AMP’s computer animators have years of experience bringing client’s imaginations to the screen. Our expertise in current animation techniques paired with the latest hardware and software available makes for a final product that is both professional and engaging. Our video animations have won numerous ADDY and TELLY awards and our clients range from large national companies to local small businesses. We pride ourselves on being able to work with your budget to create truly amazing video content that is optimized for web or broadcast television.

Below you can view a variety of examples of our work, which include: character animation, mechanical animation, technical animation, logo animation, and more. We are here to help you and your business step it up to the next level by creating exciting animation and video!

Abbott Media Productions

"Production Demo Reel"

Production Demo

Abbott Media Productions

"Animation Demo Reel"

Animation Demo

Abbott Media Productions

"Motion Graphics Demo Reel"

Motion Graphics Demo

"Architectural Visualization"

Architectural Visualization

"Chemistry Visualization"

Chemistry Visualization

Kleinn Automotive Air Horns

"2015 Jeep Rubiconn"

Kleinn Automotive Air Horns - 2015 Jeep Rubiconn

Revel Gear

"Revel Light"

Revel Gear - Revel Light

Tucson Metro Chamber

"120th Anniversary"

TMC - 120th Anniversary

Tucson Metro Chamber

"Good Stuff"

TMC - Good Stuff

Nova Home Loans

"Arizona Bowl"

Nova Home Loans - Arizona Bowl


"Module 108 - LPA Certification Program"

FHWA - Module 108 - LPA Certification Program

Apec Water

"Reverse Osmosis System"

Apec Water - Reverse Osmosis System

Ventana Rohce

"Virtual Explorer"

Ventana Rohce - Virtual Explorer


"HealthPro Plus"

IQ Air - HealthPro Plus

Aroha Philanthropies

"The Wall"

Aroha Philantrhopies - The Wall

Accelerate Diagnostics

"ID-AST Supporting Animation"

Accelerate Diagnostics - Supporting Animation


"Ultimate Miracle Worker Night"

Philosophy - Ultimate Miracle Worker Night


"Time in a Bottle"

Philosophy - Time in a Bottle


"QVC 16th Anniversary"

Philosophy - QVC 16th Anniversary


"No Reason to Hide"

Philosophy - No Reason to Hide


"Miracle Worker Overnight"

Philosophy - Miracle Worker Overnight


"Hope in a Jar"

Philosophy Hope in a Jar - Hope in a Jar



Philosophy - Foundation



Philosophy - Fragrances

Rootin Tootin Rooter

"New Sheriff in Town"

Rootin Tootin Rooter - New Sheriff in Town

Rain Bird Corporation

"PESB-R Valve"

Rain Bird - PESB R Valve

Rain Bird Corporation

"HV Valve"

Rain Bird - HV Valve

Rain Bird Corporation

"EFB CP Valve"

Rain Bird - EFB CP Valve

Meridian Bank

"Home Equity Loans"

Meridian Bank - Home Equity Loans

Spec Project

"On Bill Financing"

Meridian Bank - On Bill Financing

Tobacco Barn

"June 2015"

Tobacco Barn - June 2015

Tobacco Barn

"December 2014"

Tobacco Barn - December 2014

Tucson Window & Door


Tucson Window & Door - Website

Tucson Window & Door

"Factory Tested"

Tucson Window & Door - Factory Tested

Jessen Productions

"Victory Chevrolet"

Jessen Productions - Victory Chevrolet

"401 Play Overview for Employers"

Outski - 401Play Overview for Employers

"401 Play Overview for Employees"

Outski - 401Play Overview for Employees

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